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Based in Minneapolis, MN, Z‑BRICK® has been providing high-quality property improvement and décor solutions for over 60 years. Serving do-it-yourselfers, homeowners, contractors, and construction companies nationwide and in Canada, we assure you that we have products for all types of purposes. Are you wondering where you can buy our products in person? Our brick veneer products are warehoused by over 25,000 retailers nationwide.

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Shop for your construction needs at Z‑BRICK®. By purchasing from our partner companies at their stores or online, you may benefit from minimal shipping charges. You can also get free delivery for 5 days from Ace, Do It Best, and True Value, or 10 to 20 days when you decide to shop at your local Menards and Lowe's outlets. Do you have further questions about our brick veneer products or the other property improvement solutions we offer? Send us your inquiries.