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Z-Brick Brochure

Los Productos de Z-Brick


What is Z-BRICK®?
Z-BRICK®, developed in 1956, is the original veneer facing brick which can be easily installed by the homeowner or contractor to create a traditional masonry appearance without the weight, labor or cost 
of masonry. 
You can do it yourself!

What are Z-BRICK® products made of?
Z-BRICK® products are made of several non-combustible mineral-based materials including Portland cement, crushed aggregate, clay, water, natural USA color oxides --and do not contain plastic, plaster or synthetics.  All our raw materials are made in the USA. 

How are Z-BRICK® products installed?
® products are installed simply by applying a thin coat of Z-MENT® and pressing the individual stone or brick into place. The adhesive also serves as the mortar line. No metal lath or metal grid system is required.

To what can Z-BRICK® products be applied?
Z-BRICK® products may be applied to any rigid, clean, dry non-flaking substrate such as plaster, plasterboard, concrete, cement, cement backer board, brick or cement block. Surfaces must be clean, dry, and free of flaking matter. Plywood needs to be 100% dry before installation. All questionable surfaces - such as painted plaster or pre-finished paneling - MUST be scored deeply over the entire surface to ensure a good bond. All old wallpaper must be removed.

Can Z-BRICK® products be applied to the exterior of our home?
Exterior siding is one of the best uses. Z-BRICK® and Z-STONE are weatherproof and require no maintenance or refinishing. All exterior applications MUST be sealed with two coats of Z-SEALER®.
Why is Z-SEALER® necessary?
We strongly recommend that once Z-Ment® Adhesive is dry to the touch - an acrylic-base sealer will make the product as maintenance free as possible. If, after sealing, the installation becomes soiled, it can be cleaned by spraying with a garden hose. Periodic resealing is recommended. Two coats should be applied behind stoves and sinks to help protect the installation to allow for easier cleaning.

Are Z-BRICK® products guaranteed?
Zygrove Corporation stands behind its products but only if Z-MENT® and Z-SEALER® are used and the manufacturer's instructions are properly followed. Z-BRICK® products are guaranteed for 50 years when installed according to the manufacturer's specifications.

How much Z-MENT® Adhesive is needed for an installation?
One gallon of Z-MENT® covers approximately 16-20 sq ft or roughly four cartons of Z-BRICK® or five cartons of Z-BRICK® Z-Stone.

How much sealer is needed for an installation?
One quart of Z-Sealer® will cover about 80 square feet, one coat.

How can the coverage be stretched - to keep the cost down?
The width of the mortar line can be increased. Normal brick spacing is 1/2" to 5/8" but a wider joint could be used.

How can Z-BRICK® or GRAYSTONE be cut?
Z-BRICK® and GRAYSTONE is easy to cut and shape. With a tungsten carbide blade, a shallow cut can be made across the surface of a piece of brick or stone. Then, the pieces can be tapped lightly - but sharply - directly behind the saw cut and the piece will snap clean along the line. A stroke or two with a rasp or coarse file will remove any rough edges.

Can Z-BRICK® products be used as floor brick?
Z-BRICK® products are designed primarily as an interior/exterior wall cover. The brick and adhesive have been used as a covering for a fireplace hearth with very light foot traffic; However, Z-BRICK® products are not recommended for areas exposed to normal foot traffic although we have seen some impressive Z-Brick floors and ceilings! 

Can Z-BRICK ® products be used in the bathroom?
When applied with Z-MENT® adhesive, Z-BRICK® products can be used in the bathroom. However, when applying brick and adhesive in the bathroom, the adhesive should not be exposed to any moisture before it is allowed to thoroughly cure. After the adhesive has thoroughly cured, it is recommended that several coats of sealer be applied to help protect the installation and allow for easier cleaning.

The adhesive contains a natural fungicide which will help prevent the growth of mold. However, if Z-BRICK® products are installed in a shower area, "soap scum" will accumulate on the brick just like that which is seen on ceramic tile, and the installation will have to be scrubbed occasionally to keep it clean.