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Z-Brick Brochure

Los Productos de Z-Brick


Installation Instructions

Remember -- You do not need to purchase and install a metal lath or buy an additional metal "track system" to biolt into your walls for installation of Z-BRICK.  Just spread the mortar or Z-MENT on any wall and press in the Z-BRICK.  Z-BRICK was invented for the beginners and Do-It-Yourselfers and cost-conscious buyers in both Commercial and Residential communities. 

Before applying adhesive, lay out a single row of Z-Bricks at the base of your installation. This helps determine proper spacing between each brick. Also, intermix muliple bricks from different cartons to insure a more balanced look. 

1) Apply 3 full horizontal rows beginning at the upper left corner of wall. Work left to right. Complete the top horizontal row before beginning the next row underneath.  Masons like to work floor/bottom up but with brick veneer it is easier to use the ceiling as your guide.

2) After the top 3 horizontal rows are in place, establish your vertical line by working down the far left edge of wall, placing one brick below the other until you reach the bottom row. Alternate 1 full brick then 1/2  brick for a traditional running bond. Continue applying brick by working left to right, top to bottom.

Applying Z-MENT Adhesive Mortar

Work in 1’ x 5’ sections while spreading Z-MENT or traditional mortar about 1/8” thick.

Press brick firmly into adhesive making sure no air gets trapped behind the brick. Allow adhesive mortar to “ooze” out around all 4 edges to ensure a tight seal.

Optional: Smooth exposed adhesive (mortar line) with a stick or narrow brush. Remove any excess and return it to your container.
To finish, use a damp cloth and remove all smears and smudges.

What You’ll Need

  • Mini hand Hacksaw – we recommend one with a Tungsten-Carbide blade or a brick cutter or tile saw
  • Wide-blade putty knife or spackling tool or a small trowel (personal preference) 
  • Narrow brush (acid brush) -- or leave the joint lines natural.
  • Carpenter’s level (optional)
  • Cloth rags and clean water


Z-BRICK® is made of natural materials. Minor color differences in production may occur. Purchase enough product to complete installation with 5% extra. Sometimes Z-Bricks may appear wet in carton – this does not affect quality.  For a more natural appearance, intermix the contents of several cartons before installation. Allow the bricks to air-dry for 24 hours prior. 

IMPORTANT:  Preparing the Surface  

  • Make sure surface is dry, structurally sound, free of loose scale, paint chips, grease, etc. Smooth and glossy surfaces should be sanded to provide maximum adhesion
  • Acceptable work surfaces are concrete board, plasterboard, weather-treated plywood (exterior), interior plywood, brick, concrete, cinder block and particle board. Unacceptable surfaces: wallpaper, fiberboard sheathing, peeling plaster and hardboard
  • Cover potentially problematic surfaces with ½” plasterboard or particle board--(No joint finishing required)
  • Add a weatherproofing seal to all outdoor and kitchen installations for weatherproofing and easier cleaning. Allow Z-MENT Adhesive Mortar to cure for 1-2 weeks depending on climate to ensure a full cure prior to sealing.
  • Protect outdoor fresh adhesive from moisture for a MINIMUM of 3 days following application prior to Z-Sealing.

Helpful Hints Before You Get Started

  • Plan your work. Proper planning reduces waste and speeds up the installation process.
  • Cut and shape your brick. Cut brick by scoring broad surface with a hacksaw. Snap apart. To create irregular shapes, use a rasp.
  • Corners can be created using two methods
    • Butt joint – butt two bricks together at their edges and join. Or keep a joint line inbetween bricks.
    • Mitered joint –cut brick ends at 45 degree angles so they meet together at 90 degrees.  Optional: Fill small voids with a mixture of 2:1 parts brick dust to Z-Sealer and dab into voids creating a seamless look.

Outdoor Installations

  • Only use surfaces constructed with exterior grade materials.
  • Watch the weather and only work in temperatures between 40 and 90 degrees with no rain prior and a few days after installation.
  • Use proper flashing at the top edges of all unprotected vertical surfaces.
  • Be sure the top edge of each brick is imbedded in regular mortar (dries faster) or Z-MENT to prevent water from seeping in behind.
  • After brick is installed, cover it for 2-4 days, longer in damp climates, to protect it from the elements.
  • Make sure to use a masonry sealer after Z-MENT or Mortar has dried for a few days -- Masonry sealer can be brushed or sprayed on -- Z-BRICK's Z-SEALER covers 80 SQ FT per Quart.  2 coats are needed outdoors.  24 hour dry time between coats. 
  • Wear work clothes! Z-Brick Adhesive Mortar stains clothes -- so remove adhesive stains immediately by rinsing with water and applying stain remover. Launder normally.


The following is made in lieu of all warranties, expressed or implied: If product is defective, the seller’s or manufacturer’s only obligation is to replace the quantity of the product proven to be so. Neither seller nor manufacturer shall be liable for any injury, loss or damage, direct or consequential, arising from the proper or improper use of this product. Before purchase, user shall determine the suitability of the product for the intended use. The user assumes all risk and liability during the use of this product. The foregoing may be not altered except by an agreement signed by the officers of seller and manufacturer.